why don’t we start hana asobi?

here each flowers are.

take one by one flowers like i do, and you have the end of flower’s stem.

and then yon feel a weight and centroid of one.

next,yon look at all beside, right and left,also front and back.

it’s just comunication to listen to flowers.

slowly and carefully, one by one.

after that if your feeling and flowers are conected each other,you let go of flower into a flower vase.

keep in that.

you should arrange first from big, long, heavy flower.

flowers are beautiful itself so normally.

it doesn’t matter how to arrange also even if who arrange.

the key is to relax.

don’t think,just feel.

let’s begin!

whould you stand up when you arrange flowers.

you should have one each of flowers because you have to concentrate only one.

it’s really important. flowers teach us a lot of important thing to live.