shall we? 新しい自分の発見。

firstly, we do meditation easily to clear our mind.

it’s like preparation gymnasticks before doing hana asobi.

please shut your eyes quietly and you take in ,take out breath with your nose,slowly,deeply,

…..continue it at your own pace for a while.

when you come up with something in your head or mind,you take out that together your breath.

if you come up with that again, you should just do it in the same way.

in the meantime, you will be getting pure feeling.




put up your hand together in front of your breast.

it’s 合掌。

「thank you for everything. we are always in the here and now.」

ok,open your eyes slowly.

how do you feel?

please write your now feeling down on this paper.

let me know it.

anything is okay, one word, some words, sentence, and poetry, anything!

also it’s preparation gymnastics.

flowers will be just you itself after arranging them.

before it, you have to use up all your past to be a brand new.



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