i will. 英語で花遊びその3。

let’s start hana asobi in english!

hana asobi means

not playing  with flowers but letting  them play.

when we try to arrange hana asobi, don’t think, just feel, and we need listening to flower’s voice.

it does’t matter our experience, sensibility, even emotion.

because the very existence of flowers is just beautiful and perfect.

it’s okay if only we have the pure feeling.



firstly, we do meditation easily to clear our mind.

it’s like preparation gymastics before doing hana asobi.

please shut your eyes quietly and you take in ,take out breath with your nose. slowly,deeply, …..continue it at your own pace for a while.

when you come up with something in your head or mind,you take out that together your breath.

if you came up with that again, you should just do in the same way.

in the meantime, you will be getting pure feeling.


大文字だったり、小文字だったりと統一できないわたしのこの性質に英語がなかなか上達しない問題があるのです。それでも 気づいた時点で改善しながら少しずつでも進むしかない。たとえそれが後退だとしても歩みが動くことで何かしらの発見はある。






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